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Antique Powder & Shot Flasks  
Horns - Vintage Ammunition

Thursday, February 27th, 12 Noon ET 

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- Larranaga Double Barrel Engraved Shotgun with Hard Case
- Beretta Silver Hawk Model 409, 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun
- Remington Rolling Block .43 Spanish Rifle
- Percussion 1/2 Stock Mountain Rifle
- Remington Rolling Block Naval Carbine, 50-45 Caliber
- Mossberg M-44 Military .22 Target Rifle
- Kar 98 8mm Mauser Sporterized Rifle, SN '2000'
- Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12 Gauge Shotgun
- Winchester Model 1906 .22 Caliber Pump Action Rifle
- Hudson's Bay Co. 20 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun
- Ithaca Model M-49 Lever Action Single Shot .22 S L LR Rifle
- Remington 1895 Double Barrel Shotgun
- Meriden 10 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun
- Lewis and Tomes English Side by Side Percussion Shotgun
- J. T. Randall 12 Gauge Underlever Double Barrel Shotgun
- 1861 Colt Percussion Civil War Musket, .58 Caliber
- 19th Century Allen's 1845 Patent Percussion Pepperbox Revolver
- Belgian Pinfire Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun
- W.W. Greener Hammered Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun
- American Arms Co. G.H. Fox Side Opening Double Barrel Shotgun
- Spanish Pinfire 12mm Revolver
- Ithaca M-66 SuperSingle .410 Shotgun
- Ugartechea 20 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun
- U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle
- Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works 12 Gauge Shotgun
- Antique Double Barrel Percussion Hammered Shotgun
- Belgian Pinfire Revolver, Antique
- Remington Model 1 1/2 .32 Caliber Falling Block Rifle
- Original 1860 Enfield Naval Rifle
- Davide Pedersoli .44 Caliber Flintlock Pistol
- Pair of Soberon Percussion Dueling Pistols
- Antique Daisy Manufacturing Co. The 20th Century BB Gun Rifle
- U.S. WWI Mark IV Flare Pistol

Vintage Ammo:

- Vintage Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore .22 Short Ammo Box
- Remington Kleankote .22 Long Hi-Speed Ammo Box, Full
- Winchester Super Speed .22 Long Rifle Ammo Box
- Remington UMC Kleanbore Dog Bone .22 Long Rifle Ammo Box, Full
- Remington UMC Kleanbore Dog Bone .22 Long Rifle Ammo Box
- Western Super-X .22 Short Long Range Ammo Box, Full
- Two Vintage Ammunition Boxes of Peters .22 Rimfire Rounds
- Two Boxes of Sta-Klean .22 Ammunition
- Vintage Western X .25 Auto Ammunition Box, Full
- Full Box of Western AA 12 Gauge Trap Loads Shotgun Shells
- Western Super-Speed 12 Gauge and .410 Shotgun Shell Boxes

Powder & Shot Flasks and Horns:

- Rifle and Shotgun Hawksley Powder Flask
- Antique Powder Horn
- American Large Leather Antique Shot Bag
- Antique Leather Double Shot Belt
- Dixon Brass Powder Flask, Hunter and Dogs
- G & JW Hawksley-Sheffield Shot Pouch
- Civil War Shell-embossed Copper Powder Flask
- Spanish-American War Leather Cartridge Box
- AM Flask Co. Brass Powder Flask
- James Dixon & Sons Powder Flask
- Powder Horn with Hand-carved Eagle, Liberty, 1787
- James Dixon & Sons - Sheffield Powder Flask
- Double-sided Hunting Scene with Dogs Powder Flask
- AM Flask & Cap. Co. Leather Shot Flask with Embossed Dog Design
- Double-sided Embossed Buck Deer Copper Flask
- Peace Flask with Stars in Oval - Fantastic Artwork
- Small Antique Powder Horn
- 1800's Leather Shot Flask
- Double-sided Copper Powder Flask
- Copper Powder Flask with Pheasant Design
- Large Leather Shot Flask
- Double-sided Copper Flask
- American Rifle-type Powder Horn
- Leather Shot Flask with Embossed Dog
- G & JW Hawksley Sheffield British Powder Flask
- Hunting Game Scene with Dog Leather Shot Bag
- James Dixon & Sons Double Leather Shot Belt


- Military Rifle Cleaning Rod and Tool
- Grouping of 8 Soft Long Gun Cases
- Vintage Leather Shotgun Case in Alligator Pattern

Edged Weapons:

- Emerson & Silver New Jersey-marked Model 1840 Enlisted Calvary Sword and Scabbard
- Pair of Made in India Swords and Scabbards
- Antique Ceremonial Sword with George Washington Pommel
- 1863 U.S. Model 1840 N.C.O. Sword and Scabbard, Ames Mfg. Co.
- New Jersey Militia Socket Bayonet and Scabbard
- USN MK-1 Machete Legitimus Collins & Co 1941

Firearms Collector's Books:

- "The Powder Flask Book" by Ray Riling
- "Standard Catalog of Firearms" 7th Edition by Ned Schwing
- Grouping of Three Civil War Collector's Books
- Collection of 3 Books Including Musket, Rifles, and Revolutionary War Books
"The Gun Digest," 1944 First Annual Edition
- Grouping of Four Books, Firearms
- "Guns and Hunting Supplies" Book
- "The British Shotgun Book," Volume II
- Grouping of Four Shooting Books
- Grouping of Three Firearms, Sporting, and Weapons Books
- Two Firearms Books: Shotgunning and Hunting & Fishing Library
- "Spanish Best" Shotgun Book by T. Wieland


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