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Same race, different horse.

Welcome – we’re glad you are here because you are a real estate professional who is willing to think “out-of-the-box” about how real estate can be offered and sold. Our goals are the same: Happy sellers, Happy buyers, New listings, Sold listings. Claim your share in the stakes without doing anything differently: refer the seller or bring the buyer, just as you do today. Earn a referral or regular sales commission.

Auction sales of non-distressed homes and properties are our specialty.
There are several ways for traditional Brokers and Salespersons to become involved with our auctions. We pay competitive commissions on both the buy and sell side. Discover a powerful ally in your industry and THREE more ways to earn commissions. You can earn as a:

  • Referral Agent. Refer a property owner to us who then sells at auction, and you collect a referral commission check at closing.
  • Buyer’s Agent. Register your client, and if your client is the winning bidder, you collect a sales commission check at closing.
  • Personal Property Referral Agent. Our sale and removal of the contents ensures the property is ready for a new owner. At the settlement of the auction a few weeks later, you collect a commission check.

See a pattern?

Brokers/Salespersons can refer SELLER clients
A real estate salesperson or broker can refer a residential or commercial seller to a Legacy Auction & Realty and receive a sales commission. You won’t need a course in auction law, just a basic understanding of which properties and sellers might be good candidates. Make a simple referral to Legacy Auction & Realty and we will take care of the rest.

Brokers/Salespersons can refer BUYER clients
We encourage buyer-broker participation for nearly all auction events. Representing your buyer client at our auction event benefits all parties. Realty sells. Seller is relieved. Buyer is a winner. Auction company and Salesperson have done another good day’s work.

If you are working with someone as a Buyer Agent, and he/she wants to bid on a property being offered at auction, please ask about a Broker Participation Agreement form. Please complete the form specifying the bidder/buyer as your client and have it received by us at least 48 hours prior to the auction event. The client must register as a bidder according to the terms of the sale. If your client is the winning bidder, a sales commission will be paid by us at closing. Your Buyer Agency agreement is still in effect.

Not often can it be said that even if your client isn’t the buyer, you still come out on top. If your client doesn’t buy at the auction, you now have every opportunity to match him/her with a more suitable property, and you know much more about his/her needs in action.

Further, by working as a Buyer’s Broker/Agent, you have the opportunity to work with the unsuccessful bidders who are unrepresented. Auction bidders are ready and prepared to buy immediately. These bidders may be interested in other property types or locations. Each unsuccessful buyer is now still looking for his/her next purchase, helping you create a strong and timely buyers list.

Brokers/Salespersons can refer Personal Property auction clients
Earn commissions by helping your traditional sellers with disposition/removal of the personal property before or during your listing. When people have excess belongings for which they have no need or ability to retain, the auction method is the quick, fair, and most profitable way for items to be sold. A sale generates money for the owner/estate, keeps furnishings out of a landfill, keeps tire-kickers out of the yard, and you collect a referral commission check at settlement.

Benefits to the Broker and REALTOR®
There are some significant advantages associated with adding auction services to complement your core real estate business. None of them require time in a classroom, fees, or lost listings. All of them result in enhanced business for you:

  • Earn commissions. We value your time and effort, and compensate you accordingly; you will be paid on your auction listing. When we book an auction project, we’re now all on the same team serving the selling client, and when commission is not a concern, finding a buyer is the only goal. We also compensate the buyer’s broker when properly registered.
  • Listing retention. No need to lose another listing to Father Time. When you have an expiring listing, a hard to sell or difficult to appraise listing, simply ask your seller if he or she would like to consider offering the property at auction, and invite them to talk with us, with no obligation. When the property sells at auction, you will be paid upon the closing, and you eliminate the chance of losing the listing to another broker.
  • Be a hero. Let’s face it, not all properties sell as quickly as the owner expected. If you have a unique or high-end property that has been sitting on the market, offer the auction option and show your client now is the time to shine the spotlight. Our cycle is contract to close in about 90 days, so it’s easy to plan the open house, auction event, and closing dates.
  • Build your buyer list. Auctions create a high amount of interest in a short amount of time. From the time the initial ads hit to the fall of the hammer, we may have identified dozens of potential buyers, but we only have one winning bidder. This leaves a huge opportunity for you to work with any unrepresented buyer.
  • Personal property/contents removal. How many times have you personally thrown contents in a dumpster? Call us first. We can sell items of value and create cash for your seller or the estate. You get a home that’s easy to list. Your referral of a personal property auction helps generate immediate income for you and your seller, and empties the space to enable a faster sale.
  • No obligation. Call on us when you need us. No costs, fees, investments, ever.

One call to Legacy Auction & Realty is all it takes to connect your selling clients to us so they can learn if auction is right for them. Provide some basic information, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. No need to try to “sell” your homeowners on the details of how auction works. Think how difficult it would be for someone off the street to conduct your listing appointment (other than the obvious legal issues). It would be impossible!

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